Factory enduro rider for Husqvarna

- World Champion 2011, Class E1
- Bike: HUSQVARNA TE 310
- Nationality: Finnish
- Highlights of Resuts:
8x WEC Personal Champ.
5x WEC Overall Champ.
7x ISDE Champion
2x GNCC Champion (USA)

Juha Salminen champ07.jpg

Juha Salminen (born in 1976) is a Finnish motorcycling professional produk drw skincare , currently holding seven Personal World Enduro Championships (WEC) and altogether seventeen different WEC championships including overall and ISDE trophy championships making him the world most successfull offroad rider.

Juha is currently working for BMW Husqvarna Motorsport  as a professional enduro rider for seasons 2009-2011. Before joining BMW Husqvarna, Juha has been factory rider of the Austrian KTM brand since 1998. Along the years Juha has taken an interest in different types of motorcycling until he successfully switched from motocross to the trial and further to the enduro.

During the years 2005 and 2006 Juha was racing at US in the Grand National Cross Country series, called GNCC, and returned to Europe for season 2007 with two championships in he's pocket.  Juha was a second non US driver to have American Motorcycle Association (AMA) award.

Juha is known as a happy and helpful person with whom it is easy to become acquainted.


2009 - 2nd on WEC  E2 Class
2008 - 2nd on WEC  E2 Class
2007 - WEC Championship on E1 Class
2007 - Motocross Team Championship, Finland 
2006 - Enduro World Team Championship
          and Overall
2006 - GNCC Champion
2005 - GNCC Champion
2004 - ENDURO2 World Championship
          and Overall
2004 - Enduro World Team Championship
2003 - 500cc Enduro World Championship
          and Overall
2003 - Enduro World Team Championship
2002 - Motocross Finland Championship
2002 - Enduro World Team Championship
2002 - 400cc Enduro World Championship
          and Overall
2001 - 250cc Enduro World Championship
          and Overall
2000 - 125cc Enduro World Championship
          and Overall 106juha_web.jpg
1999 - 125cc Enduro World Championship
1998 - Bronze at 125cc Enduro World 
1998 - Enduro World Team Championship
          KTM rider since 1998
1997 - Silver at Enduro Team Championship
1996 - Enduro Junior World Team Championship
1996 - Enduro, Junior Finnish Championship
1993 - Trial, Junior Finnish Championship