Factory enduro rider for Husqvarna

- World champ 2011
- Bike: HUSQVARNA TE 310
- Nationality: Finnish
- Highlights of Resuts:
8x WEC Personal Champ.
5x WEC Overall Champ.
7x ISDE Champion
2x GNCC Champion (USA)

Husqvarna Enduro Team 2012


Husqvarna: the story of enduro

Husqvarna is a synonym for enduro.

Before the term enduro was coined every country had its own name for the sport. The first European title in "regolarità", as it was called in Italy, was taken by Husqvarna in 1982 with Italian Gualtiero Brissoni in the saddle.

After several European titles were taken by iconic names such as Thomas Gustavsson and Sven Erik Jonsson, in 1990 the sport was given the title World Enduro Championship by the FIM and Otakar Kotrba won the honour for Husqvarna, the first in a long series.

To date Husqvarna has taken 49 world enduro titles and a total of 82 in motocross, enduro and supermotard events in the company's 100+ year history.

Enduro is endurance, in all conditions with special tests over different types of terrain. Both rider and bike must reach the finish line after many hours of off-road trails without any external assistance apart from the brief time controls.

It is the experience gained from these victories that has produced the Husqvarna enduro series, which year by year incorporate the technical advances made on the tracks.

In 2012 Husqvarna will officially compete in the Enduro World Championship, represented by Team CH Racing, and will also be present at major national events in Spain, France, Germany, UK, Italy, the U.S., Australia and Japan.

Husqvarna will be also participating to the most important Extreme Enduro races with the factory rider Andreas Lettenbichler.

Husqvarna Enduro Team by CH Racing

Husqvarna has been linked with Team CH Racing since 1990 when the World Enduro Championship was first held. Twenty two years of history have delivered 49 enduro titles, under the expert guidance of Fabrizio Azzalin.

After the great success of 2011 - winning riders and manufacturers championship in both the E1 and E2 class, Team CH Racing will start the new season with a new rider line up and the challenge of a championship that looks to be highly competitive.

The team will concentrate on the E1 and E2 classes, with the aim of repeating the successes of last year, won by the TE250 and TE310.

There are six official riders, three for each category:

E1: Matti Seistola (FI), Lorenzo Santolino (SP) and Ricky Dietrich (USA)

E2: Juha Salminen (FI), Alex Salvini (I) and Romain Dumontier (F)

In the E1 class the TE250 will once again be ridden by Matti Seistola (Finland), third in 2011, along with Santolino (Spain) and Ricky Dietrich (USA).

With no less than 8 world titles under his belt, Enduro icon Juha Salminen will lead the team, riding the new TE310 in the E2 class.

The Team

Fabrizio Azzalin Team Manager

Enzo Fontana Sports Director

Mauro Cremonesi Mechanic Dietrich

Stefano Cenzin Mechanic Salvini

Guerrini Giorgio Mechanic Seistola

Thomas Viola Mechanic Santolino

Mika Sironen Mechanic Salminen

Tullio Provini Mechanic Dumontier

Riff Del Pardo PR Consultant

Follow riders/External Resources

Mauro Uslenghi - Roberto Bazzurri - Luca Fongaro

WEC National Ch.

Matti Seistola (Finland) Class E1 TE 250 Italian Ch.

Lorenzo Santolino (Spain) Class E1 TE250 Spanish Ch.

Ricky Dietrich (USA) Class E1 TE250 UK Ch.

Juha Salminen (Finland) Class E2 TE310 ITA/FRA Ch.

Alex Salvini (Italy) Class E2 TE310 Italian Ch.

Romain Dumontier (France) Class E2 TE 310 French Ch.

Andreas Lettenbichler (Germany) Extreme races

05.03.2012 Juha Salminen tyytyväinen enduron MM-kenraaliin
22.02.2012 Italian lumikaaos siirsi Salmisen enduroavauksen Espanjaan
17.02.2012 Husqvarna Enduro Team 2012
06.02.2012 Salminen ja Yoko jatkavat menestyksekästä yhteistyötä
16.01.2012 Suomen paras moottoripyöräurheilija Salminen siirtyy enduro 2-luokkaan
05.12.2011 Salminen soi Checalle FIM:n gaalan tähtiosan
29.11.2011 Salmiselle Ruutulipun Vuoden moottoriurheilija -palkinto
16.10.2011 Salminen kruunasi komean kautensa voitolla Espanjassa
02.10.2011 Mestari Salminen päätti MM-kauden tyylikkäästi
02.10.2011 Pictures from GP of Mende, France

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